AFT-Advanced IPL Tech
Update Time:2012-11-18 16:45:54

AFT- the Definition: AFT is the next generation of multi-application pulsed light technology. It converts unused UV light into the optimal spectrum used by each application. Uses include elimination or reduction of age spots, sun damage, vascular and pigmentedlesions, rosacea, redness, telangiectasias, and the treatment of active acne.

How does AFT work? AFT’s pulsed light technology selectively heats and closes off blood vessels, reducing lesions while sparing nearby tissue from injury. With pigmented lesions, the light energy heats the melanin fragments and then causes it to fragment. The melanin fragments?then are?absorbed by the body and eliminated. By providing smooth, consistent light pulses, the energy delivered to the skin is gentle and effective.


How does AFT treat Sun Damage? AFT can hone in on color-producing melanin cells within pigments, in effect "bleaching" the cells or removing the sun damage. The blue light penetrates just deep enough into the tissue to reach the target without adversely affecting the surrounding skin.


What else can AFT?treat?

AFT can?successfully treat:

·Age spots? ·Liver spots???? ·Fine and coarse wrinkles

·Freckles?? ·Telangiectasias ·Vascular lesions

·Sallowness ·Rosacea???????? ·Elastosis